Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Garden Season (Recipe): A Guest Post

Today we are joined by Katy from Naner-A-Day who is sharing a delicious (and SUPER easy) recipe now that the warmer months have arrived...

With Spring officially here, my mind is immediately thrown into garden mode. All of my seeds have been started in my Dad's greenhouse and I am so eager for transport day, which in my mind equals the potential of a successful garden season is near.  

Although we still have a long way to go before we are reaping the fruits of our labor, I can already taste and smell (yes, there is a smell) the vibrant cherry tomatoes.  I have to be honest that gardening my entire life has turned me into quite the tomato snob but even I can put down my snob nose once store bought cherry tomatoes are paired with sweet basil, creamy mozzarella and tangy balsamic.

These little cuties are perfect for your next BBQ, happy hour, or for no reason at all and I promise you the combination of flavors scream the freshness of spring. Not to mention they are extremely easy to make and stand up like little soldiers for easy grabbing. Let's get down to the details...

What You'll Need:
-cherry tomatoes(slice off the stem part)
-fresh basil(torn into pieces)
-mini mozzarella balls
-balsamic vinegar(simmered in a pan for fifteen minutes to thicken)

How To Assemble:
Thread sliced side down of tomato, basil and mozzarella on toothpick. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and drizzle with balsamic.

For more tasty recipes, find Katy on her blog and in her Chicagonow feature!