Friday, April 3, 2015

(Prep)paring for Rain

Supposedly April showers bring May flowers, but I know one thing for sure: March has completely lost its mind. In efforts to stay dry while in Ireland, I purchased a pair of rain boots and wanted to break them in a bit at home so I could ensure they were comfortable. However, I planned on splashing through puddles with them, not brushing off my car from yet ANOTHER snow storm. In other words Chicago, you're drunk.

But what's important here is that whether it's snow or shine, these boots are adorable and have moved into my #1 shoe spot. I'm really into navy lately so I opted for these over the black (though it was a hard decision) but I'm glad I did, because the pop of pink on the bottom is the perfect hint of cute and they're just right for my often preppy mood :)

I hear it's actually supposed to rain in Ireland which means I'll get the chance to utilize my Nashville umbrella for real...not that my neighbors weren't completely amused by my rainy day photo shoot :)

Wearing: Jacket: BCBG (similar) | Jeans: Old Navy | Top: Old Navy | Boots: Kamik 
Hat: Pier 290 | Bag: Just Fab (similar) | Umbrella: Ryman Auditorium