Friday, May 22, 2015

Blog of the Month: Own Way of Inspiration

For the month of May, we’re featuring one stylish gentlemanwho we have been following on his journey for a while now. As a male blogger based out of Germany with many travels in his back pocket, Simon captures some great moments from daily life around the world along with his personal style. Find out what he had to say about blogging and beyond...

SM: What made you decide to start a blog?

SS: I grew up in a very small town in Germany and never felt connected to the people around me. Instead of playing soccer or talking about video games, I’d love to photograph people, go to exhibitions as well as dancing. Also, I started developing a huge interest in the worlds fashion metropolis like New York, Paris, London, Tokyo, Copenhagen etc. 

By realizing how international the fashion/ art industry is I always wanted something more then living the "ordinary life" in Germany. In order to share my opinion and experiences, I started my style diary that is now turning into something bigger.

SM: How would you describe your style?

SS: My personal style is inspired by many different aspects. It can be jazz, hip hop, the 70's, a building and it’s graphic structure or a feeling. In general I’d say I am dressing more chic then casual. Suits, Shirts, Brogues and Hats are my usual choice yet trying to keep it authentic by adding a cotton t shirt instead of a chambray shirt. If it’d be possible I’d probably wear a hat each and every day.

SM: What do you find most challenging about being a men’s style blogger?

SS: Definitely not taking the same "dapper" menswear route. Even though I do like to dress chic and in a suit, I want to explore a more interesting perspective on fashion. Being a feminist makes me question gender roles especially when it comes to fashion. Why are men not socially not accepted when they wear a skirt? Will I be socially accepted when I’d wear platform shoes out in public? I definitely want to be part of changing both men’s and women’s roles in fashion...Hopefully even in society. 

SM: What is your favorite style to see on female fashion bloggers? Any girl fashion do's and dont’s?

SS: Absolutely not. Who would be able to judge you on what you wear? The question itself is probably the point. There are no do’s and dont’s in fashion, like matching two different color tones would not work. Personally, I think a fashionable girl is a confident woman that doesn’t care about what other people say is trend. It sounds really easy but a lot of my girlfriends asked me what to wear and how to wear it and for me it’s always a lack of confidence. A fashionable girl wouldn’t really care what other people think.

SM: We love that you’re advancing the trend for more guys to be comfortable sharing their style. What advice would you give to another man (or anyone) who is interested in starting his own blog? 

SS: Don’t care too much what other people say. Try to find your own voice and start doing it. I am a big fan of getting things done, doing a lot of research, save outfit inspiration, graphic design aspects or music you’ve come across (for example on Tumblr or Pinterest). Then try to relax yourself and make sure to be clear about what you like the most and what would represent your voice. From this point on, you should be able to share whatever you like. 

Who are your favorite bloggers? Let us know, we're always looking for inspiration!