Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Oh, Christmas Tree...

There's something about Christmas tree farms that feels so whimsical, isn't there? My Family had a real Christmas tree my whole life and the memories of bundling up and heading to the farm together are ones I will always cherish. I remember wanting to spend an unnecessary amount of time looking at each tree to find the one that was “just right” for us…it’s as if we were picking out a puppy and I was just waiting for the right one to make a connection with. Requirements included 7 ft or taller (the taller the better!) and full from top to bottom. 

A few times, we just picked one out and other years, my Dad and brother sweat through their sweaters to chop down our own. Despite worrying they might have simultaneous heart attacks, that felt like the true Christmas experience (or a Chevy Chase style outing). Afterwards, we would head to the local pizza place and request a window seat to ensure our precious evergreen didn’t make its way onto someone else roof…My Mom was always sure it would! ;) I remember getting the tree's home and putting them in the stand which would result in needles everywhere….That scent is forever burned into my memory and nothing in this world compares the fresh scent of fir and cedar. 

Do you get a real tree? 
If not, these are my favorite way to recreate that amazing smell! 

Sweater: Target (On Sale!)
Leather Leggings: Express
Boots: Just Fab (Similar for under $50!)
Sunnies: Old Navy
Necklace: Swap w/Lisa
Bag: Just Fab (Almost identical!)
Hat: Purchased at a tiny shop in Ireland
Coat: A gift (similar)