Wednesday, May 18, 2016

5 Minute Braids

"Sorry I was late - I didn't want to come." 

But often do we make plans and end up feeling like this? Let's be honest, this is what goes through our minds every Monday can do all the Sunday meal prep you want and even get an actual 8 hours of sleep but sometimes, that snooze button will still win. Luckily, current hair trends allow us to actually roll out of bed and put something cute together in less than 5 minutes. If you like braids (uhh, who doesn't?), you're even more in luck because they are the perfect "I spent a lot of time on this (but actually I'm lying)," look. 

Spring Hair You Can DIY in a Minute: 

The Wrap-Around Braided Bun:


Hack a Double-Braid in 5 Minutes Flat: 


We're not only super flattered to be featured on sites that we read and love on a daily basis but in the process, we learned some great hair hacks too. 

Besties and braids, doesn't get much better than this, ladies ;)


Hair: Maritza of Beauty for Bloggers
Photos: Jennifer Coffey
Source: The Body Book | Brit + Co