Thursday, July 14, 2016

Rocked it & Swapped it: Red Swing Dress

As I put together these photo collages, I can't help but hear Taylor Swift in my head. "We'll never go out of style, we'll never go out of style!" How on point is this swing dress year after year? It truly is the perfect shape garment for women of all different heights and weights. I don't think it will ever actually go out of style. Truth!

When I styled it back in 2014, I simply added strappy brown sandals and a fedora. Then, later that night for fireworks, I added a cozy knit sweater over (and don't we all love when a dress becomes a skirt?) When Kaitlyn styled it over this past holiday, she tied a cute scarf around her neck and wore it as a bathing suit cover up. I mean really, this dress can do no wrong! 

 photo rockandswap_zpsrmxnafm7.jpg

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