Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Return of Overalls

Guys, I have to admit something -- I am officially eating my words. A few years back, I remember Lisa buying a pair of overalls, telling me they had become cute again and all I could picture were my red, white and blue Tommy Hilfiger ones from 5th grade (you know the ones, we all had them or at least wish we did). Don't get me wrong, those were such a NECESSITY at the time, but I thought, could overalls really make a comeback in a fashion forward/non farming way? 

As I continued to wonder this, Lisa acquired a more styles including including my favorite pair of hers, the flares, and I started to think how chic they looked (when styled appropriately, of course). Meaning, I wouldn't pair them with plaid, flannel or gingham in order to avoid looking like all that's missing is a pitchfork. I had been looking at different pairs for awhile now and while standing in the checkout line at H&M recently, this black pair was hanging on a rack right in front of my face and I figured it was a sign. I knew right away I wanted to pair them with black and white stripes for a classic, monochrome look and as soon was I put it all together, it was pure harmony. I can't even tell you how comfortable they are...they are made from stretchy twill so they are much more pliable than denim would be. Bustle said it best..."Overalls provide the comfort of a regular pant with more wiggle room. They are utilitarian. They are endearingly boyish. They are easy to care for. Overalls are great for summer because they aren’t as tight as a regular jean, so they don’t cling on to your legs in sweltering heat." Oh, and I adore the criss-cross detail in back. 

I have something else to admit: I like them so much I bought them in 2 colors and now my regular pants kind of seem boring. Can't wait to style both pairs for Spring! Off the shoulder tops, anyone?


P.S. If you're looking for inspiration, this link is a few years old but still holds up today... See a few different ways fellow bloggers have styled their overalls. I LOVE how Danielle from We Wore What paired them with a turtleneck sweater and loafers!

How do you feel about overalls? 
Do you own any or are you hesitant to try?


Overalls: H&M
Striped shirt: Old Navy (similar)
Booties: Just Fab
Bag: Just Fab
Sunnies: H&M
Lipstick: Glominerals - Mimosa

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