Friday, January 20, 2017

Lisa's Blogging Bloopers: Volume 12

TGIF! Happy Friday friends. I am so excited for this week to be over. My kids have been sick for weeks now, and although my daughter was back at school and is finally feeling better, my son was down for the count all week. It's hard to get things done when your kids are home sick. It even more difficult to see them sick and be helpless to take their pain away! #momproblems ;)

I'm keeping it light on this Friday by sharing my latest installment of outtakes. I hope these make you smile and get your weekend off to a great start! 

"Oh, hey car honking their horn!"
 photo outtake-10_zpso1esrugp.jpg

"Quick CC, take the photo, there is a large group of people walking this way!"
 photo outtake-9_zpsjezntsec.jpg

Walk this way...
 photo outtake-11_zpskgiqtdg3.jpg

I just tripped, again! Classic Lisa ;)
 photo outtake-8_zpsdrvybivc.jpg

Phone and hair emergency...
 photo outtake-7_zpsrnxxvopg.jpg

There is such thing as too much wind!
 photo outtake-6_zpsgrnodcl7.jpg

"What? I sit like this. Not a great photo? OK, I'll sit up."
 photo outtake-5_zpspabj6s7m.jpg

Leaf toss fail!
 photo outtake-2_zpso3boubwi.jpg

 photo outtake-3_zpsyvx5rp5a.jpg

Which is your favorite from above? 
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