Monday, March 13, 2017

Maternity Monday: 5 Places to Shop during Pregnancy

Now that I am 5 months into my pregnancy, I have learned a few things about navigating the world of maternity clothes. I was able to get away with my regular jeans for quite a while, then a few more weeks because I started using a rubber band to keep them closed. Eventually, that was no longer an option either and I had to invest in a few pairs of maternity jeans which I was not looking forward to. Those panels could not be comfortable or flattering, right? And full disclosure, I STILL feel that way about them...some women love them but wearing a panel all the way up to bra has definitely taken some getting used to!
BUT...My advice would be not to resist before you try- I have found a few pairs that work for me and to be honest, before I became pregnant, I always thought the tight shirts with the ruching on the sides were out of date and way too "basic" for my taste. Then, out of pure curiosity, I tried one on at Old Navy and guys --  It was SO comfortable and kind of flattering so while I sat there eating my words, I invested in a few more colors and plan on enjoying them all the way to my due date. We are lucky with how far maternity clothes have come over the past few decades and there are many ways to keep feeling confident and chic through the 9 months.
Here are a few shops that have helped me feel stylish through my pregnancy so far:

1. Pink Blush 

I read about Pink Blush long before I was pregnant when I saw other future Mama's wearing styling their dresses and I remember thinking how much maternity clothes have changed over the years (for the better). I made a mental note of the brand so I could re-visit when I was pregnant and now that I own a few items, I can officially say, the clothes feel just as wonderful as they look. There are so many soft, feminine styles that not only dress your growing bump, but effortlessly adjust to motherhood and beyond. 

Wearing: Maxi Dress

2. Destination Maternity

My Mom and I recently made our first trip here, as I had been complaining about my normal tops not fitting (holy boobs, guys!), so she insisted that I actually invest in a few maternity tops and promised we would make a fun day of it. I resisted at first, giving into the visions in my head of ill-fitting matronly tops, forcing me to succumb to the stereotype of "Mom Jeans" way too early. 
Turns out, it was just the opposite and I could have spent all day there...actually, we almost did and finally forced ourselves to leave after 2.5 hours, only due to another obligation. The store's selection is just as on-trend with any other of my favorite stores, making it easy to find things that aligned with my personal style and better yet, giving me confidence that I would be able to feel (as much) like myself as possible during the next few months.

Wearing: White Jeans // Top 
P.S. I also bought this top and I LOVE IT! It's so comfortable and such a fun saying.

3. H&M

When I first started needing maternity jeans, I borrowed a pair from my co-worker that she had saved and they are black, skinny jeans from H&M which have become my absolute favorite pair. They fit perfectly and feel the most like normal jeans. I love their overalls and basics, plus you can't beat the prices.


I love LOFT year round! I started shopping here when I got my first "real" job at an insurance company and I couldn't get by with my Forever 21 wardrobe anymore and since then, it has been a go-to for well made, classic pieces I can wear year after year. I started my maternity jeans hunt here because I had some good reviews online and I have a few regular pairs from here that I really like so I waited for a sale (which is never too long) and ordered a pair of dark wash jeans with a panel. They are a skinny style and actually fit like a glove, so besides the obligatory stretchy material that goes over my belly, they look and feel like my regular jeans.

5. Old Navy

As an avid shopper here already, it was easy to make the transition to their maternity line which I consider great for your basics. In store (at least my location), there isn't a huge fact, the first time I went in, I couldn't even find it because it was all the way in back and SO small (I think I actually said out loud, "this is it?"). BUT, the good news is they have a decent selection online and you guys know there is always a sale. I like shopping for staples like the aforementioned tight, ruched shirts that are great for layering and solid/striped dresses for Summer that will be perfect under a light cardigan or jacket. 

Wearing: Striped Dress

As for a few of my other favorite shopping resources?

ASOS Maternity - So many trendy styles at decent prices!
Isabella & Oliver - Nice for a few investment pieces

Other Mom's or Mama's to be...
What are your favorite maternity sources?