Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Call Me, Call Me Any, Anytime

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A good vintage rock tee has been a wardrobe staple of mine for as long as I can remember. I use to love going to thrift stores with my bestie back in high school and college, always on the hunt to find the perfect ones. As I have gotten older, and this trend has become more popular, it's super easy to find amazing rock tees (that have a vintage feel to them) that are brand new and at your favorite stores and local shops. When I saw this Blondie 1980's tour tee, complete with strategic holes in the fabric, I knew I needed to have it. I mean, the color is amazing to mix with my fall wardrobe (well year round wardrobe actually) and it can be dressed up or dressed down depending on my mood and destination that day. 

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On this day the air was crisp, reminding us that fall is just around the corner. Since it was a family day at the lake house, I wanted to wear something that was comfortable but still looked cute and put together at the same time. By styling my tee with my new favorite crop denim, I was super cozy for a day playing with my kiddos and helping out with my nephew. I mean, you have to be able to sit on the floor and play, then cozy up on the couch with the cutest little bean at any given moment. ;) 

Then to give my look a bit of style, I was inspired by the colors of fall. I added these great red boots and my favorite green jacket of the season to do just that. I love how the orange tee, red boost, and green jacket paired together. Plus, the amazing bird patch details in said jacket, gave it a little something extra. Unlike some outfits I shoot for the blog, I wore this one from the time I woke up to the time I went to sleep. I used to blog like that for years, taking photos of what I was actually wearing that day but now-a-days I shoot a few looks in the same day and might not end up wearing any of those looks on that specific day. I like that this is actually an outfit post and not a photo shoot outfit. Fellow bloggers, you know what I mean! 

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Tee: c/o EVEREVE // Jeans: c/o Silver Jeans // Boots: JustFab // Earrings & Rings: c/o Park Lane Jewelry // Bag: Sole Society // Jacket: c/o cabi Clothing // Necklace: c/o The Moment Jewelry // Watch: c/o Aibi Watch // Bracelet: T+J Designs 
What do you think of this pairing? Are you a fan of collection vintage style rock tees? Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today. I hope you make it a great day! xo