Sunday, February 28, 2016

Oscars Style Recap

If you've been blogging along with us since the beginning, you know we have a thing for Oscar Sunday...typically, we're attending the annual party with the Family but due to the craziness on the calendar this month, we're all watching via text/snapchat at home in our PJ's and we're not ashamed to say...we don't hate it. Just because we're not partying together in person doesn't mean we're not in the spirit...while waiting for the red carpet, we were pinning our favorite ideas so you can keep them handy for next year's festivities. 
Speaking of the red carpet, that may just be our favorite part...yes yes, we love the surprise of who will win (update: what the Mad Max outbreak!?) and what speech will cause the most retweets (update: Chris Rock tried his best to make one tired joke last all night long) but even more, we enjoy living vicariously through the gorgeous dresses & jewels that precede the show. 
After watching, we have come discussed and nominated our favorites for best and worst dressed. 
Let's start with the best:

Alicia Vikander -- One of our favorite newcomers! Beautiful and wonderfully talented
Saoirse Ronan -- Ireland is one lucky place...her accent is as lovely as her ensemble

Margot Robbie -- She could show up in a paper bag and look fantastic! Good Lord...

Chrissy Teigen - The cutest baby bump & a gorgeous dress but that braid...

Rachel McAdams -- Gosling, eat your heart out.

Priyanka Chopra -- Everything about this was STUNNING. 

Charlize Theron -- Sometimes taking the plunge really pays off

And the not AS best...

Sandy Powell -- Wait, Tilda Swinton? Either way, this is just strange.

Kate Winslet -- Really sorry to mention her because she's a favorite of ours. However, we can't stop comparing this dress to the black garbage bags sitting in our basement. Kate, you're so much better

Reese Witherspoon -- Always gorgeous (inside and out) but that NOT flattering.

Sofia Vergara -- Again, always gorgeous but the dress seems like something you'd find on the rack months after prom is over

Amy Poehler -- This dress would have been better if left inside out...
Heidi Klum -- If we could JUST loose the sleeve, huge improvements will occur...
Orlando Jones -- OrlandNO.
Who were your favorites on the red carpet?