Friday, January 30, 2015

Superbowl Snacking

Two party necessities you can't go wrong with: Chalkboard presentation and simple snacks. Whether you're a fan of football, (occasional) clever advertising, or a halftime show that is sure to be a water cooler topic on Monday, the Superbowl is worth watching...and let's be honest, it's the perfect excuse for a true #SundayFunday. 

Because this is every guy's favorite holiday, it's important not to overdo it on the complexity of the appetizers. Our men are sadly not in favor of our favorites like Hummus or Quinoa, so don't try to get TOO crafty. Include a solid mix of salty snacks with a few lighter options so there's something for everyone. This year. we're sticking to a classic; Meat, cheese and crackers, presented in the (semi) shape of a football, obviously. The Hormel party trays basically make this zero effort which is perfect for a weekend that's booked solid. 

Throw in some Skinny Pop and carrots with Greek yogurt dip for healthy snacking...

What are you serving this Sunday?