Monday, February 2, 2015

Valentine's Day Made Easy (For Guys!)

Guys, take note: We are about to present you with a superb Valentine's Day gift idea for your lady. For Christmas, I gave Lisa an illustrated version of our standard profile picture on all social media accounts - we have used it for over 2 years now so I think it best represents us and figured it would be a nice design addition to our blog. 

I have found so many amazing illustrators through Instagram (so jealous of all that talent) but I also knew a girl through fellow #fblogger, Heart of Chic (sisters!) with a cute Etsy store so I told her what I was looking for and she was able to replicate it within 1-2 weeks...not to mention, her pricing is extremely reasonable. 

I was very pleased with the final drawing -- it's so unique and something you could never compare to a store-bought item. I think Lisa loved it as well and it's the perfect addition to her jewelry table.

This is an AWESOME Valentine's Day gift (or birthday, graduation, anniversary, random Tuesday) for that matter. Pick a favorite photo of you're significant other (or better, one of the two of you) and send it to Alyssa...we promise major brownie points for this one! ;) 

Here are a few other illustrations by Alyssa:

What are some of your favorite Etsy shops?