Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Fall Transitional Pieces

While we're not ready for it just yet (there's still boating to be done and al freso dining to check off our list), Fall is probably our favorite season to dress for because when summer winds down and you feel that first chill in the air, it’s so refreshing to bundle up in a cozy cardigan or over sized infinity scarf. When you can leave your house in a sweater and jeans (no puffy coat, please!), that is the perfect Autumn moment...it doesn't last long, so we must cherish them in our favorite lace-up flats and chic jogger pants while we can.  

So, peruse the assortment of basic must-have items that made the top of our ist(s) for making the seasonal transition and hopefully be inspired to create your own. What is your fall closet calling for?

(psst! hover over each item for brand & price)


What are you looking forward to wearing most this fall? 

We'll see you in flared denim, oversized ponchos and floppy hats all October long :)