Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Finding Balance in Bare Feet

I'm not going to lie...These past few weeks (months? year?) have been absolutely insane. The kind of insane where all of a sudden you stop and realize, you've been forgetting to breathe. It always seems like everything happens at once...the same week that I had multiple things to plan, endless to-do lists and a weekend-long party to host just happened to be one the busiest times at work in, well, ever. When you would rather be busy at work than slow, be careful what you wish for ;) I found myself relying heavily on breathing techniques I've learned through yoga as well as trying my best to participate in the YBD challenge, 30 yoga classes in 40 days...yes, because I needed just ONE more thing to try and stuff in a 24 hour day. GOOD LAWD.
Point of my rant being, I am looking forward to this weekend...My husband and I are celebrating our third wedding anniversary and for the first time in awhile, we don't have every moment scheduled. We spend so much time making plans and "checking our calendars" and then we remember...Summer used to be so special because of its simplicity. Hammocks, bare feet, lemonade, napping to baseball games on TV (just me? I seriously love that). So this weekend, we're going to do our best to avoid planning everything in advance. The only sure bet is watching our wedding video on repeat because 3 years later, I still cry every time I see it :) (Seriously...Jon is the best if you're in need of a videographer!)

But before I leave you, a selection from a yoga blog I enjoy...

"We love making plans and drawing maps that’ll detail exactly how we’re going to get from Point A to B to C. The problem isn’t in having an ambitious vision or keeping busy with plans, but rather in our way-too-tight grasp on our vision of how things could or should be. What ends up happening when things start to look colossally different from our self-made vision is that we become unfortunate victims to disappointment we created ourselves. Get excited about the future, but loosen the reigns a bit. This week, be gentle with yourself as you practice the art of doing absolutely nothing."
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