Thursday, December 17, 2015

Rocked it & Swapped it

This is the story of an olive colored fringe skirt. Prior to coveting this beautiful bottom, Johanna (of 101 Things I Love) owned it. Years ago, we made a permanent swap and I hoarded it ever since. ;) I love an item of clothing that has a story behind it. Makes the day you choose to wear it that much more special don't you think? 

I paired my skirt with a chambray top, nude heels, and a statement necklace. By adding the emerald sunglasses and saddle bag, my look was perfect for an afternoon out with the family in Wisconsin. When Kaitlyn styled this beauty, a new color crush of mine was born. Olive and burgundy are truly meant to be! I love how the shoes pop and what a fun idea to add two other neutrals in the hat and bag. Well played Kaitlyn, well played. 

Here is how we both styled the skirt:
 photo swap_zpsxdxrp0pv.jpg  photo fringe_zpshulk1bjq.jpg
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Have you tried a fringe skirt yet? I dare you to get through the night without twirling or twisting at least once!