Monday, June 20, 2016

Headbands of Hope

Lately, we have been showing our locks a little extra love by playing around with decorative head wear whether it be a pretty wrap head wrap or gold feather headband. Summer is all about air-dried waves and off-your-face styles so delicate gold touches keep things soft and feminine. It's one thing to wear a headband and endorse a brand you love but it's another to use your style for the common good and support a deserving cause. 

We recently partnered up with a brand we admire so much, Headbands for Hope. For every headband purchase, one is given to a precious child with cancer. No, it's not a cure for this monster of a disease, but IT IS a way to brighten a little one's day, hopefully helping them feel a little more beautiful during such a dark time. The founder, Jessica Ekstrom, learned this through an internship with a wish-granting organization in 2011. She realized how many young girls loved to wear headbands after rounds of chemotherapy deprived them of their hair. Four years later in 2015, the company celebrated donating to every children's hospital in the United States. How amazing is that? 

Lisa's look:

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Kaitlyn's Look:

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Ladies, there are endless styles to choose from which allowed us each to express our individual style but more than that, we felt such a sense of goodness while wearing these. Our contribution is not much, but any positive role we can play in the cancer cycle is a plus, as a lot of small efforts add up to something much more powerful.

P.S. Stop by the blog tomorrow to see more of Kaitlyn's swim style!