Monday, August 15, 2016

Lisa's Blogging Bloopers: Volume 10

Happy Monday friends! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are ready to start the new week off on a light note. Laughing with me at my outtakes that is! Here are a few of my favorite bloopers from my most recent outfit posts here on Sisters Marie. 

"Are you shooting right now?" 
 photo 5X6A0420_zpszh316opr.jpg

Always marching along and swinging my bags...
 photo 5X6A0180_zpsy3xzfskp.jpg

"Oh hello man fishing behind me!"
 photo IMG_1803_zpscvmebo3y.jpg

Beautiful backdrop, awkward walk.
 photo IMG_1827_zps0fkbdjer.jpg
Twirl while talking at your own risk. 
 photo IMG_1880_zpscgu0se9p.jpg

When the end of your twirl looks like you "gotta go" ;) 
 photo IMG_2292_zps2w7xo9ah.jpg

Bag movement
 photo IMG_2113_zpsjhqfnf0l.jpg
"To the left, to the left!"
 photo IMG_2103_zpsghf0vkun.jpg

Always talking at the wrong times..
 photo IMG_1258_zpsmpieja7f.jpg

Skipping like a boss!
 photo IMG_1580_zpsjmx0ddbh.jpg

Please hold, skirt twirl time. 
 photo IMG_0289_zpss7u6ahps.jpg

Feeling the sleeves yet not sure how to pose with them...
 photo IMG_1592_zpsnfjnialf.jpg
Which is your favorite blogging blooper from above? Mine would have to be the one with the man fishing in the background. I literally shot my entire outfit and had to re-do them once I saw him in most of my shots! Oh me! lol