Friday, November 11, 2016

Lisa's Blogging Bloopers: Volume 11

How is it already mid-November? Man, this year has truly flown by. As I took a look back through the past two months of outfit posts, I came across a LOT of blogging bloopers. Which made it a bit hard to pick the ones to show to you as there were multiple from each of these shoots. I hope these bring a smile to your face because I really enjoyed going through and finding these for you guys. I give you Volume 11 of my outtakes. 

Trying to get accessories on point, forgot to keep my body on point ;) 

"Keep walking monkey, Mommy's got a claw!"
 photo bloopers-5_zpszgtqp4ct.jpg

Walking in a windy wonderland...
 photo bloopers-9_zpsieuu4wxs.jpg

"Does it look cute when I swing my bag?"
 photo bloopers-7_zpstrnsbrnm.jpg

I feel like this looks awkward. Yep, it does! lol
 photo bloopers-8_zpsp9ggten0.jpg

"Suns out, great mood is out!"
 photo bloopers-3_zpshlkjggcx.jpg

Gone with the wind...
 photo bloopers_zpsxyylpwnj.jpg

Fringe issues.
 photo bloopers-6_zpsh5cwr0y8.jpg

"Like, OMG!"
 photo bloopers-2_zpskxpk8ufp.jpg

Please hold while I situate...
 photo bloopers-4_zps9we9xrb1.jpg

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