Friday, May 26, 2017

Lisa's Blogging Bloopers: Volume 13

TGIF! Happy Friday friends. Did this week fly by for anyone else? It might be because I was out of state from Sunday night to Tuesday, which left my Wednesday feeling like a Monday. It also left me having to do the work of three days, all in one. I have to say, I am so looking forward to the long weekend ahead! What are you guys all up to for Memorial Day weekend? We have a beach day planned, some major relaxing time, and my grandpa's b-day party to attend. All good things! 

I've decided to keep it super light today with my latest blogging bloopers. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do. Some are awkward, some are funny, and some are downright unflattering...and I'm happy to share that all with you guys! I think it's very important as a blogger that I have you understand, I do not think I am perfect in any way, shape, or form. Not one of these photos has been altered or photo-shopped. Judge away, because I, like you, am a real person with tons of real flaws! Obviously in my outfit posts, I post the best photos, but there are more unused then used in literally every outfit I shoot. I hope you enjoy my outtakes! 

"Hey girl, hey!" 
 photo outtakes-19_zpscigyx1w1.jpg

"That guy is yelling stuff at us." Man walks up saying how hot something is...and stops at the motorcycle in front of us. Yeah, this is the actual moment I realized not everything is about us! How embarrassing! lol 
 photo outtakes-27_zpsnpomltdc.jpg 

Twirl girl. 
 photo outtakes-23_zpsw4wpxozu.jpg 

"Please hold, hair malfunction." 
 photo outtakes-17_zpsazdvbfuh.jpg 

Open your eyes Lisa! 
 photo outtakes-26_zpsqp71ti2p.jpg 

"Can we be done? I'm freezing in this tank top."
 photo outtakes-20_zpsdbkdhqqc.jpg 

Good hair and feet, bad hand movement. 
 photo outtakes-24_zpshaugz8ad.jpg 

Shooting photos with Kaitlyn is always a great time! 
 photo outtakes-28_zpsusqmfpul.jpg 

"Come on wind, work with me here." 
 photo outtakes-22_zpsr2sjkviw.jpg 

"I need three arms to get situated here." 
 photo outtakes-25_zpskpdlprqx.jpg

Holy robot pose Batman! 
 photo outtakes-21_zpsdebymwll.jpg  

That face though.
 photo outtakes-18_zpsyyjnr735.jpg 

When literally every limb (and your face) is working against you! 
 photo outtakes-16_zps9r9cwoiz.jpg

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today! For more blogging bloopers, check out my last post here. xo